Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saudi man gets lashes jail for slapping wife

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Our Beloved Prophet Mohammed SWW PBUH never ever Hit or dis respect A Women.

A man in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to 30 lashes and 10 days in jail for slapping his wife, Saudi newspaper Al Sharq reported.

A court in Al Qateef in eastern Saudi Arabia also ordered the man to undergo marriage counseling on how to treat his spouse.

The wife filed the case after her husband slapped her across the face during a fight, but later said she forgave her husband and withdrew the case.

However, the court did not accept her plea and upheld the sentence, adding that the woman could witness the flogging as well.

The husband reportedly admitted the abuse and said the wife had been impolite with relatives.

Saudi Arabia recently launched a high-profile domestic abuse awareness campaign supported by the King Khalid Foundation that received significant international attention
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