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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

10 Important Credit Card Best Practices for you!

Everyone from college students to mature adults can benefit from good credit card behavior. Consider these top 10 important credit card best practices to help you along.  

1. Don't borrow (read: spend) what you can't afford to pay back right away. Cases of personal emergency may be unavoidable, but impulse spending should be strongly avoided.

2. Pay off your balance on time, every time. If you allow your card balance to come due without paying it on time, this can spiral fast into massive credit card debt based on all the fees and interest that will add to your account.

3. Pay off your balance in full as often as possible. If you can make a habit of paying off your credit card balance in full and on time every time, you should have very few if any credit card related debt issues or finance charges. This is a great practice toward building excellent credit.

4. Avoid sharing your credit card with others and don't make phone purchases in public places. It is important to keep your credit card information private to avoid identity theft and credit card fraud. Don't read your credit card numbers aloud when paying bills or making purchases on the phone at work, school, or in other public places.

5. Check your credit card statement every month to watch for suspicious charges. This way you can quickly identify unauthorized purchases and often reverse them.

6. Use caution when paying for subscription services such as magazines and shop-at-home purchases via credit card. Sometimes these companies retain your credit card data and may continue charging you beyond your intended subscription length.

7. Always ensure the https: or lock icon is present when making purchases online. Better yet, shop only on secure sites you know and recognize, and if necessary, do your homework before shopping somewhere new.

8. Look for a credit card that offers a rewards program. If you are going to be making purchases with a credit card, you might as well earn cash back, airline miles, free hotel stays, or other rewards based on your spending habits. These rewards can add up quickly - often to totals of $300 per year or more!

9. Know the details and the fine print. Stay within your credit limit (line of credit), understand the fees you may encounter, and watch out for those convenience checks. The more you educate yourself about your credit cards and what they offer, the better suited you will be to make the most of them without incurring major credit card debt.

10. When in doubt, call your credit card company. VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AmEx, and all the credit card issuers have customer service representatives available to take your calls and willing to address your questions and concerns.

These credit card tips and best practices should help you to build favorable credit. Being responsible in your credit card purchases is the first step in avoiding future credit card debt. 

Consider these tips for yourself and share them with others you know to ensure smart borrowing and spending. In the future, you will be very thankful for your responsible credit history!

A step-by-step approach to planning for your retirement

When you think about it, it’s an ambitious task to plan for a period of your life that might last 20, 30, or 40 years, and to rely mostly on your accumulated financial resources. It makes sense that you’ll need to take 12 weeks or more to do the job right.
Some readers have asked how they can access the entire series. To make it convenient for you, I’ve summarized the steps below, with the links to each week’s posts.
Kickoff Summary
Week 1: Estimate your life expectancy, and dream for your future
Week 2: Build your team of professional advisors
Week 3: Take steps to improve your health, to reduce medical bills and enhance your life expectancy
Week 4: Collect and organize your financial resources
Week 5: Develop a strategy for claiming your Social Security benefits
Week 6: Use your IRAs, 401(k), and retirement savings to generate lifetime retirement income
Week 7: Choose the investments that are right for you
Week 8: Develop a budget for living expenses
Week 9:  Manage your housing expenses
Week 10: Plan for your medical expenses
Week 11: Address the threat of long-term care
Week 12: Put it all together
As you can see, you’ll have to do a lot of homework to properly plan your retirement. Some people find it helpful to form small study groups, so they can share the legwork and kick around ideas. Don’t forget to include your spouse or partner in your planning.
And don’t be surprised if it takes you longer than 12 weeks to complete all the steps. Even if it takes you 6 months, remember that you’re planning the most important part of your life: your rest-of-life! Take the time to put good plans in place, so you can focus on the things that are really important to you.
Want to learn more about retirement planning? Check out my latest creation - Money for Life, an innovative, free online retirement planning guide. I’ve organized a rich collection of more than 150 blog posts, articles, research reports, and video clips on the most important retirement planning decisions regarding money, health, and lifestyle.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Electrical Inspectors are required on urgent basis - Saudi Arabia

I would like to inform that two (2) Electrical Inspectors are required in urgent basis. With these, we are requesting your usual support to provide us a comprehensive CV  along with Certificate or other supporting documents for our review and study.

In addition, kindly observed that the candidates has present Driving Licensed and with Aramco experienced respectively 

Interested persons kindly email your resume at :

Thanks & Regards

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Consultant vacancies - Need help

Java & COBOL guys required in Samba Bank, having atleast 3-4 years of experience.

Please forward your resume to  before 30th june.

Sajid Idris
Samba Bank
Riyadh - KSA


We are looking for the following categories of professionally qualified and experienced candidates for mobilization of a newly awarded Facilities Management Project for a high-rise building in the State of Qatar.
Sl. No. Position Code Position Qty.
1. FM/2011/001 Contracts Manager 1
2. FM/2011/002 QHSE / Safety Officer 1
3. FM/2011/003 General Administration Clerk 1
4. FM/2011/004 Drivers 2
5. FM/2011/005 Remote Site Supervisor – Mechanical Engineer 1
6. FM/2011/006 Maintenance Supervisor – Electro/Mechanical Engineer 1
7. FM/2011/007 BMS (Building Management System) Operator 1
8. FM/2011/008 Electrical Engineer 1
9. FM/2011/009 Mechanical Engineer 1
10. FM/2011/010 Electrical Technician 2
11. FM/2011/011 Fire Alarm Technician 1
12. FM/2011/012 Mechanical Technician 1
13. FM/2011/013 Plumber 1
14. FM/2011/014 Carpenter 1
15. FM/2011/015 HVAC / Chiller Engineer 1
16. FM/2011/016 A/C Technician 2
17. FM/2011/017 Painter 1
18. FM/2011/018 Maintenance Handyman 3
19. FM/2011/019 Audio/Video Technician 1
20. FM/2011/020 Conference / Event Co-ordinator 1
21. FM/2011/021 Pest Control Specialist / Gardener 1
22. FM/2011/022 Environmental Services Supervisor 1
23. FM/2011/023 Housekeeper / Room boy 6
24. FM/2011/024 Housekeeper – Female 3
25. FM/2011/025 Janitor – Male 1
26. FM/2011/026 Janitor – Female 1
27. FM/2011/027 Mail Room Operators 4
28. FM/2011/028 Receptionist 2
29. FM/2011/029 Maintenance Help Desk Operators 2
30. FM/2011/030 Reprographic Supervisor 1
31. FM/2011/031 Reprographics Operators 2
32. FM/2011/032 Records Custodian 1

Selection Criteria for all positions:
- Working experience with Integrated Facilities Management organizations for maintaining high-rise buildings, commercial complexes, offices, etc…
- Proficiency in English language is a must for all positions (read, write & speak)
- For all technical positions, ITI Trade Certificate or Diploma is a must.
- For all administrative positions, graduation is a must.
- Receptionist / Help Desk Operator – knowledge of Arabic language.
- For Supervisors & Drivers, valid Qatari Driving license is a must.
- For candidates applying from Qatar must obtain Sponsorship Change from the present employer (if selected)
- Final selection of candidates for key positions (supervisors, engineers, receptionists, maintenance help desk operators) will be based on interview with client’s representative.
- Selected candidates has to join by second week of June 2011.

Teyseer Services Company will provide the following facilities for the selected candidates:
- Furnished Accommodation & Messing Facilities
- Uniform
- Medical Facilities
- Insurance Coverage
- Local Transportation
- Air-ticket after completion of Contract period
- Leave Salary as per Qatar Labour Law

Interested candidates may forward the following documents to: and/
- Covering Letter with Position Code and expected salary
- Updated Curriculum Vitae
- Copies of Academic / Professional Certificates
- Copies of Experience Certificates-

Saudi Arabia-Datacom / Networking Engr (Must have Iqama)


We are currently looking for Datacom / Networking Engrs in Saudi Arabia. The candidate should have KSA visa (Iqama) which could be transfer.

Dont send CVs if your profile doesnt match the job role / you dont have Iqama.

Send resumes at

Tips for Job Seekers - Job Interviewing

To at least some degree, I think everyone at a job interview is a bit of an actor. No employer likes to admit in the interview that he yells at his crew or expects them to work late to satisfy a customer. And job seekers aren't likely to mention the shortcuts they've taken to save time, or maybe the long lunch they take on Fridays. 

For the most part, the interviewer/interviewee relationship tends to accentuate the positives that each party has to offer. That aspect of the interview is as it should be as long as it doesn’t evolve into a bragfest.

The information each party shares in the interview should give the other party an accurate image of the qualifications, experience and general work ethic or attitude he or she brings to the negotiating table. As well, each party must be thorough and clear in sharing his or her expectations of the other party. But after that information is exchanged and everybody likes what they’ve heard, is that the end of the interview? “You’re hired. When can you start?” and that’s it?

Usually, that’s the way it happens. I was offered a job one time in as little as 10 minutes by someone who had never met me or heard of me before. But is it really a good idea to enter a business relationship with someone after only talking to him or her for a few minutes? That seems like a bit of a gamble to me.

After a 10-minute conversation, you don’t know that technician from Adam, and a week or 10 days later, you have three or four butchered messes to clean up and you’re short of help again because you fired the guy.
Invest the Time
I’ve seen a growing number of tire dealers and store managers reduce the likelihood of a situation like that happening by investing more time in the interview process. Some interviewees are following suit, as well. The bottom line is that it’s important to both parties entering an employer/employee business relationship to take enough time to learn as much as possible about the other person.

If you interview a potential employee and you like his or her qualifications and experience, show the applicant around your shop. Discuss your compensation package. Keep the conversation strictly business. Don’t make a decision to hire – urge the applicant to think things over thoroughly. An interview in which qualifications, experience, various expectations, etc., are revealed, negotiated and agreed upon would make a good initial interview, but leave it at that for now. If both parties are impressed, schedule another meeting.

While multiple meetings are time consuming, they can save both the employer and the employee a lot of lost time in the long run. After all, how many dealers have wasted months on the tech or the service writer who interviewed well but turned out to be far more troublesome than he or she was worth? And how many employees have left jobs after just a few months simply because the initial impression didn’t match the reality? Many people can “talk the talk” for 15 to 20 minutes, but it takes time to figure out who walks the walk.

If you schedule a second meeting, both parties should agree to a meeting time of an hour or more. The second meeting works best after hours when interruptions are less frequent. You might want to walk through the dealership again and discuss more details about day-to-day procedures and how things are generally done in the shop.

If the interview is for a potential office position, give careful consideration to that work environment, as well. Is your office a comfortable place for your staff to be when they’re helping your customers? Is there a specific dress code in your office? Again, both parties should discuss as many details as possible to help determine long-term compatibility. Ask plenty of questions, but pay close attention to the answers. Ask for clarification of any gray areas.

Referrals from other employees can be a double-edged sword. A good employee might recommend a good fishing/drinking buddy and next thing you know, you’ve got a mediocre employee who was referred to you based on his personality instead of his skill level. Likewise, I’ve known techs that recommended dealers that you quickly learn you don’t want to work for. It’s definitely a two-way street.

A second meeting is also a good time to discuss whatever type of employee handbook the shop has. If you own or operate a business and don’t have a printed list of rules, requirements, expectations, benefits, holidays, etc., you’re probably overdue to write one. And it may be in the best interest of any applicant to request the handbook and postpone their acceptance of the job until they read it. If the general details that apply to all employees are in print, there’s less room for errors in policy. Plus, the potential employee can better determine whether the atmosphere is one in which he or she can work in for the long-term.

Put It in Writing
If you decide to offer the position to an applicant, it would be in the best interest of both parties to put details of the offer in writing. A written employment agreement protects both parties by reducing or eliminating misunderstandings that may arise later. The more detailed an initial employment agreement is, the more protection it can offer against future misunderstandings.

More than just a wage offer in writing, an initial employment agreement should cover some of the issues outlined in the employee handbook. Certain expectations of both parties should be outlined in the initial agreement, thus clarifying what each party can expect to give to as well as receive from the proposed business relationship.
Tips for Job Seekers
How many people in this industry go job hunting with printed copies of a current resume in hand? Like the employee handbook or initial employment agreement mentioned earlier, a well-written resume can outline your experience, skills and previous employment history. And if you fill out an application, don’t leave any spaces blank unless they don’t apply to you. A completely filled out application and/or a thorough and detailed resume can paint a written portrait of a potential employee that an employer can refer to later.

Remember that a dealer or manager who meets five job seekers this week may not remember everything about each of those people. Leave as much information about yourself as you can with that person for his or her future reference.

In about four to six business days, it’s not a bad idea for a potential employee to follow up and touch base with a dealer or manager, which demonstrates a serious interest in the position he or she is seeking with the company. Likewise, it’s a good idea for business owners to follow up, even if just to inform the applicant of the receipt of the application and/or resume. You may be out of the office when the applicant comes by, in which case he or she may leave an application and/or resume with your receptionist.

Even if you aren’t interested in hiring someone, a policy of notifying the folks you reject is an all-too-uncommon courtesy and a strong display of professionalism. If your business was my first choice in the job hunt, please don’t leave me hanging, especially when I may keep another shop hanging until I hear from you. And the same goes for employees. Notify the other businesses you applied to when you accept a job. They might leave somebody else jobless a little while longer because you didn’t communicate.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Vacancies in Mechanical Construction and Oil/Gas Sector Jubail-KSA

Plz forward to the needy people.


                          Ourclient in Saudi Arabia has following positions in Mechanical Construction andOil and Gas sector (Jubail)

Job CatJob TitleExperiencePackage (Basic SR)Slots
Jub-001Site Superintendent- (Elec/Instr)20 Years & Above25,000-30,0001
Jub-002Site Superintendent- (Mech / Civil)20 Years & Above30,000-35,0001
Jub-003Site Incharge (Mech/ Rotating)15-20 Years20,000-30,0003
Jub-004Site Incharge (Civil/Structural)15-20 Years20,000-25,0002
Jub-005Site Incharge (Industrial Safety)15-20 Years20,000-25,0001
Jub-006QA /QC Incharge (Mech)15-20 Years25,000-30,0001
Jub-007Planning Incharge  (Mech)15-20 Years25,000-30,0001
Jub-008Project Engineer (Civil)10-15 Years15,000-20,0003
Jub-009Project Engineer (Elec/Instr)10-15 Years15,000-20,0003
Jub-010Project Engineer (Mech/ Piping)10-15 Years15,000-20,0005
Jub-011Scheduler10-15 Years15,000-20,0002
Jub-012Assistant Engineer (Elec/Instr)5-10 Years10,000-15,0005
Jub-013Assistant Engineer (Mech)5-10 Years10,000-15,00010
Jub-014Assistant Engineer (Civil/Structural)5-10 Years10,000-15,0006
Jub-015Assistant Engineer (Safety)5-10 Years10,000-15,0005
Jub-016Assistant Engineer (IT)5-10 Years10,000-15,0004
Jub-017Business Sys Analyst5-15 Years10,000-15,0002
Jub-018Material Engineer (Mech / Civil)5-15 Years10,000-20,0002
Jub-019Contracts Advisor5-15 Years10,000-20,0001
Jub-020Cost Engineer (Mech / Civil)5-15 Years10,000-20,0002
Jub-021QA /QC Engineer (Mech / Civil)5-15 Years10,000-20,00010
Jub-022Planning Engineer (Mech / Civil)5-15 Years10,000-20,0006
Jub-023Draftman (Without Family Status)More than 5 Years5000 +10
Jub-024Document Controller (Without Family Status)More than 5 Years5000 +4
Jub-025Accountant  (Without Family Status)More than 5 Years5000 +2

Note:Family Status, Free Medical & Education free for 2 kids

Interested candidates plz forward your resume with Positiontitle in Subject and current and desired salary to undersigned on following email address

Interested Candidate may kindly send their resume to

*********** CVs without the required information will not be entertained.

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************ Note :- Do NOT change the Subject / Title of this email. 

Jazakallahu Khairain

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With Warm Regards 
 Recruitment Manager