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Friday, January 9, 2015

MILKY WAY 2015 May Newsletter

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Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatahu

MILKY WAY  2015 May Newsletter                                                            02-01-2015
Student of Al Hoda Int'l School - Kolkata
What real education is!

Very often the things around us teach us important lessons.
We dismiss the subjects we study in school or college as temporary information meant for mugging up “just for exams”.
History is so boring-why study about the past when all I care about is present and the future?
Why study minerals,soils,farming,when I don’t want to be a farmer?

Science-that’s just for the most intelligent students,not everyone’s cup of tea..cycles and theories and systems and equations..scary,isn’t it ?

Well,it’s that and much more.
Someone once said :
“Some students drink at the fountain of knowledge others just gargle.”

People who change can have 3 fates,which is clearly illustrated by the following quotation :
“People who change after change,will survive,
People who change with the change,will succeed,
People who cause the change,will lead.”

- By Sis Madiha ( Islamic Studies Coordinator ) Al Hoda Int'l School , Kolkata
A Truly Islamic International School : 
Please watch :
Duration : 53 mins

Education shapes us today. The ability to think, talk, to express - cannot be measured. Identify the mainstay of a dream student. Are our schools still in the rote learning?
Learn about the Marsh mellow test to develop the student's patience.Discover elements that makes a school International and Islamic in this thought, action and implementation.
Child in Islam: A Muslim Parent's Handbook
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The Child in Islam offers a rare and rich panoramic guide to rearing a happy family in harmony and in wisdom-and above all, Islamically. Is there a difference between Muslim and non-Muslim child rearing? Indeed there is, and beyond the physical delineations of a Muslim's practice, it is the difference between groping one's way with a sputtering candle and walking confidently ahead on a brightly lit day along a well-marked path. This is what Norma Tarazi illustrates in her lively and sober discussion infused by the twin principles of kindness and common sense. Here is no abstract discussion; the author's clear and straightforward voice examines the full spectrum of child rearing with always-practical advice and real-life, concrete approaches and techniques for problem solving. The answers and the solutions are Islamic, that is, completely natural and productive.
Br Dawood Vaid with Prof. Choudhry , IIT Delhi

Burooj attended the 6th International Conference on "Creating High Achieving Schools" at IIT Delhi in December.

The core areas were Developing Data – based goals for student's learning's that will hold leaders and teachers accountable in a collaborative and supportive manner.

Burooj will be launching the Milky Way city chapters in the year 2015. If you wish you have your school as a partner, please write to us before Jan 10th 2015.
Burooj Academo team visited the beautiful Greenwoods Public School in Kasargod.
The school is affiliated with the ICSE board.
Burooj Islamic studies curriculum is in its 2nd year in the school and here is testimonial from the " 
Crescent English School Cheeta Camp Coordinator ":
* The activities of the curriculum enhance the creativity and challenges among the student .
* The summary given after the Surahs emphasis the student to admire the oneness and greatness of Allah Subana wa'ta ala .

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