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Sunday, June 19, 2011

DBA & Oracle Developer, interview in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Assalamo Alaikum
Description: DBA & Oracle Developer, interview in Riyadh

•   Strong in Backup & Recovery experience
•   Experience in Oracle 9i ,10g & 11g
•   Oracle Certified Professional
•   In-depth knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL including tuning
•   Experience with Unix/Linux in a multi-domain environment including basic commands and shell scripting.
Oracle Developer

•   Must have reports and forms developments experience and strong database experience.
•   Strong PL/SQL development experience
•   Minimum of two years SQL and PL/SQL development experience
•   Oracle Developer (9i/10g ) and Oracle Designer / development experience. (Forms, Reports).

In both JobsStrong inter-personal ability.
Ability to visualize a solution for the problem in hand.
Problem solving strategy.
Exceptional in detail follow up.
Computer Science Graduate (Preferred)

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