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Golf Balls Retriever

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    This man spends his days at golf courses but is definitely not as relaxing or glamourous as it sounds. There are golf balls in those bags !!!

Forest Rothchild is an independent contractor and one of the many people who make their living as a "golf ball diver". Working on average four days a week, Forest dives for golf balls that have landed in the water hazards along golf courses and earns between 7 and 12 cents per retrieved ball.

Typically he collects about 4000 balls per day, which means that his annual earnings are approximately $100,000 but this varies a lot according to the number and type of balls retrieved.

Anyone with a diving certification can become a golf ball diver but since the water is most often murky, divers need to be comfortable with "diving blind" (without a compass and lighting) as well as spending long periods of time at depths less than 30 feet.

The work is strenuous and requires a degree of manual labor as bags of golf balls can weigh at least 65 pounds. Divers also need to manage their own schedule and the frequent travel makes it a challenging job for people with families.











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