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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The UFO like Domespace rotating wooden house

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The UFO-like Domespace rotating wooden house

The UFO-like Domespace rotating wooden houseTaking up a large section of the Eco Habitat zone at the recent Viv'expo exhibition in Bordeaux was a walk-in cutaway model of a rotating wooden house known as Domespace. Built on a central concrete pedestal, the Domespace home benefits from little or no damp penetration, and its aerodynamic shape has been found to be resistant to cyclonic winds of up to 174mph (280kph). It also makes the most of passive solar energy, has a central chimney with a designer open fire and is surprisingly spacious.
The protective cocoon doesn't stop at wind resistance either. Domespace says that "every Domespace is erected over an elastomeric belt that works as a 'silencer block'... like a piece of rubber that cushions vibrations." The structure has been found to withstand earthquake activity registering up to eight on the Richter scale.

The central support an spiral staircase in a Domespace home

Natural light pours through the windows in a Domespace home

A terrace constructed to one side of a Domespace home, underneath which owners could build a garage

The Focus fire is central to the interior design of the Domespace home

The aliens have landed: a Domespace home's wooden construction blends with its surroundings!

Surprisingly spacious living is offered by Domespace homes

A Domespace home in natural setting

Going round in circles - living in a Domespace home

The Harmonique version can be rotated to make the most of passive solar energy, to make sure any photovoltaic panels are always in the best position or just to get a better view

A terrace with vertical windows in a Domespace design

A Domespace kitchen - stunning views depend on location

The Domespace design can be used for residential housing, for community meeting places or for businesses such as restaurants

A personalized interior of a Domespace home

Naturally-lit dining area

Being built on a central concrete base contributes to the design's wind and earthquake resistance

A peaceful and natural setting for a Domespace home

Photovoltaic panels can be installed on the curved roof to make the most of the design's ability to rotate and follow the path of the sun in the sky

Cosy in winter too, a Domespace home by night

Even the roof benefits from rot-resistant Red Cedar tiles

The basic spruce construction of a Domespace home

View from the terrace, which can be changed at a whim if the version of the Domespace home is Harmonique

A spacious, two floor Domespace home

Open plan living area in a Domespace home

Looking at the terrace from the tree covering

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