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Getting to school at all costs must admire these children

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Getting to school at all costs: In Pictures
Primary school boys carry their benches after their school was flooded due to heavy rains at Bassi Kalan village in the outskirts of Jammu August 10, 2011.
Kashmiri children cross a damaged footbridge built over a stream, on their way back home from school in Srinagar May 11, 2012.
Xu Liangfan, 37, escorts students on a cliff path as they make their way to Banpo Primary School in Shengji county, Bijie city in Guizhou province March 11, 2013.
Afghan boys sit on the ground outdoors for their lesson, near Khas Kunar refugee camp, Kunar Province, eastern Afghanistan February 18, 2009.
A Haitian boy passes, with help from his father, around the locked gate on a bridge that separates Haiti from the Dominican Republic, to attend school in the Dominican Republic, in the Dominican city of Dajabon, January 9, 2013.
Elementary school boys carry their shoes and bags after crossing a river to go to school in the village of Nagari Koto Nan Tigo in Indonesia's West Sumatra province November 14, 2012. School children from around 46 families in the village are forced to cross the river every day because there is no bridge, villagers said.
Earthquake survivors attend a class in an open-air school in the devastated city of Muzaffarabad November 25, 2005.
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