Tuesday, June 18, 2013

45 hour work mooted for 2 day weekend

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45-hour work mooted for 2-day weekend


The Shoura Council in session.

Monday 17 June 2013
Last Update 17 June 2013 1:46 am
The Shoura Council will present its proposal for two-day weekly off to private-sector employees to the Cabinet within 60 days, said Mohammed Al-Naji, chairman of the manpower committee at the consultative body.

"Proposals have been made to fix working hours between 40 and 45 during five days of the week," Al-Naji said, adding that the final proposal would be submitted to the Cabinet after considering members' views. He said the weekly working hours have been reduced from 48 to 45.

The Shoura has proposed that women workers should be given a special paid vacation of 130 days if their husbands die. "Pregnant women should be given the option to use their delivery vacation before or after delivery," one proposal said.

Some members viewed that the gratuity of workers should be given at the end of service without mixing it with salaries. The Shoura said it has taken into consideration the grievances of workers and employers while making changes to the Labor Law.

One member stressed the need to fix working hours of companies and shops without exceeding 7 p.m. to stop the habit of Saudis keeping awake late in the night, causing so many social and health problems.

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