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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Etikaaf registration in Masjid-e-Nabawi (saws) Madina

Assalamualaikum wa rehmatullahi wa barakatuhu
Ramadan is near and this could be our chance to go for I'tikaf this year.  We don't know if we will be alive after this year , or be still in Saudi Arabia as you know the situation with the rules of expatriates now days.
Imagine Spending complete 10 days of I'tikaf in Makah or Medina. There is night in the month of Ramadan which is better than a thousand months (83 years, 4 months). This night is called Laitatul Qadr. You will get the reward of Lailatul Qadr even If you are sleeping during the night in the Masjid during I'tikaf.
Imagine the reward of each prayer/namaz during Ramadan and that also in haram or masjid Nabwi.  If you get the lailatul Qadr, it means 83 years worship, Which is more than the average life nowadays.
Now there are 2 options :
1)      If you are planning to go to Makkah, then there is no need for the registration. Just go directly.
2)      if you are planning to go to Madina, then it's better to get yourself Registered on line and then go. Take your Iqama/Passport  with the registration print out that you get online.  
Link to register for I'tikaf in Madina  is below:-
If you have any questions regarding I'tikaf then please free to ask us by email :  with the subject same as your name.
Jazakallah Khair for reading and share this with your friends and relatives. Even one person acts upon it you get an equal reward if he acts upon it .
Things to consider when you go to I'tikaf:
1.      Take your medicines , especially in case you catch a cold or infection, diabetes, blood pressure etc.  
2.      Keep a light blanket As it gets cold at night due to continuous Air condition.
3.      Do not argue/speak in loud voice with anyone during the ittekaf.
4.      Bags/Brief case are not allowed in the masjid. Make small plastic bags to carry the clothes and blanket. Do keep a miswak.
5.      The food is easily available outside the Masjid at Sehri and Iftar, hence no need to bring any food . They will not Allow Food Inside.
6.      You need to Bring Money to Purchase food from outside shops.
7.      Book your flights/Bus Tickets in advance.
8.      Keep a packet of tissue paper just in case as it is  required .
9.      Rules of ittekaf
10.  Follow the steps below to register for Medina online. Take the print out and show at the entrance of the Masjid Nabvi.
11.  Try to reach the Masjid one day before 20th Ramadan so you can get an appropriate place for your I'tikaf.

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