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Children of Expats can transfer sponsorship

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Children of expats can transfer sponsorship

Mahmood Hasan / Saudi Gazette


JEDDAHWives of expatriate workers cannot transfer their sponsorship, but their children can after attaining a certain age, the Director General of Labor Office, Jeddah, said here on Wednesday.
Abdullah Bin Mohammed Alolyan, speaking to journalists at a meeting arranged by the Consul ate General of Pakistan, said women who entered the Kingdom as "housewives", cannot work. However, their children – both sons and daughters – can transfer their sponsorship and work in the Kingdom.

Simply put it means "housewives" who have been working will not be able to work after July 3. This will have a huge impact on schools, hospitals, clinics and beauty parlors among others.
He added: "Other ministries might be discussing the issue and they are not in the loop."
The Labor Ministry official stressed that all their services are free of charge and 90 percent of the cases are handled electronically through its website ""
He said that transfers of doctors, engineers and employees of companies in the Green zone are done at the ministry offices.

He advised the expatriate community to log on to the site and check their details through their passport number. The website, however, is available only in Arabic.

According to unofficial figures, around 420,000 cases have come to the Labor Ministry. Out of these 380,000 were eligible for processing. Around 80,000 Pakistanis have submitted thier papers for processing, while 3,500 Pakistanis have applied for exit passes.

Alolyan urged the expatriate community to force their sponsors to finalize contracts in writing. In that case the sponsor will be forced to pay the monthly salary besides providing him with other benefits. Then in case the sponsor fails to fulfill the contract he can be held liable.

The Labor Ministry official again clarified that a worker whose company is in the Red zone does not need a letter from his old employer to change his sponsor. "The new sponsor can log on to the Ministry of Labor website and bring in the employee under his sponsorship in five minutes," he said.

In case the company is Green, then the employee would need a No Objection Letter from his previous company.
For those expatriates who are runaway and want to leave the Kingdom for good need only go to the Passport Office, get an exit stamp on his passport, buy a ticket and leave.

In case anyone is unable to find his sponsor can visit the Ministry's complaints section which will provide him with his contact details.

There are around 19 categories which are restricted for Saudis alone. There are, however, 2,800 categories where expatriates can apply for change of profession.
Alolyan said people should not lie about their profession, which are being transferred relatively easily under the amnesty. These could be checked at a later date and both the employee and the employer can end up paying a heavy price for that.
Pakistan Consul General Aftab Ahmed Khokher thanked Alolyan for the coordination he has received from his office. He also mentioned that the Ministry's Jeddah office has also promised to speed up the process for around 6,000 cases.

Alolyan appreciated the way Khokher is trying to help Pakistanis in distress. He also offered to help Pakistanis out in any way possible.


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