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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Temple adjacent to Charminar is illegal Archaeological Survey admits

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Subject: [Hyderabad-Rocks] "Temple adjacent to Charminar is illegal: Archaeological Survey admits

Hindu Temple adjacent to Charminar is illegal: Archaeological Survey admit

April 03:

Archaeological Survey of India has clearly declared that the Hindu Temple adjacent to Charminar is illegal. It has rejected the claim of the communal elements which had declared it ancient and legitimate setting aside the historical facts.

A city activist, Mr. S.Q. Masood had sought clarifications from Archaeological Survey of India about its legality and its extension for construction work. He had filed a petition under RTI act. He had asked six questions from the department and it has given satisfactory replies to all these questions. One of the questions asked was "Whether the temple adjacent to Charminar is legal or not? Furnish information according to the rules, regulations and records of Archaeological Survey of India".


Replying to this important question, Archaeological Survey of India said that according to Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act 2010, the Department considers the construction of the temple at the south eastern side of Charminar is illegal. From this reply of the Department, it can easily be inferred that the construction of the said temple is unauthorized and illegal.

The RTI activist had also requested the Dept. to provide the photo graphs of Charminar. It provided three photographs of Charminar. One of the photos is dated 1959 wherein there is no existence of any temple near Charminar. In the photograph taken in 1980 a small temple has been depicted whereas in the photograph taken in 2003, a temporary ceiling has been shown on the temple. From the photographs given by the Department of Archaeological Survey of India, it is a clear proof that no temple existed at Charminar a few decades back.

On the question of the authenticity of these photographs, the Dept. said that these photographs were taken by Hyderabad Circle of Archaeological Survey of India officially and there is no doubt about their genuineness. On the question that did the Dept. receive any representations about the temple, it replied that no such representations have been received by the Department in this regard. The applicant had sought an appointment for inspecting the files and records of the Dept. The Dept. gave the reply that he can inspect the records on any working day by prior intimation.

It may be noted that on the issue of unauthorized extension of the temple, the law and order situation in the city had become tense in 2012. The citizens of Hyderabad exhibited extraordinary patience and tolerance and protected the Ganga-Jamuna Civilization of Hyderabad and foiled the evil designs of the miscreants. By maintaining the ethics and honesty of 


The Hindu English Daily published two ancient photographs of Charminar from Siasat's collection in which there is no existence of any temple near Charminar in its edition dated 21st November. The Hindu published the photograph of Charminar in which a large number was depicted.

At that time 'The Hindu' English Daily had expressed its regret on destroying the beautiful historical monument Charminar. It has also expressed its anxiety over the protests and agitations on temple issue. It said that no one is worried about preserving and protecting the heritage of Hyderabad. 'The Hindu' had also blamed Archaeological Survey of India for its negligence and said that due its carelessness historical monuments are being ruined.

Veteran citizens of the city of Hyderabad also have the opinion that due to the negligence of Archaeological Survey of India, the temple was constructed illegally and it kept quiet for a long time as a silent spectator.

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