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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New plan to nab illegals revealed

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Subject: New plan to nab illegals revealed
New plan to nab illegals revealed
Labor Minister, Adel Fakeih

Arab News


Tuesday 16 April 2013


Last Update 16 April 2013 3:25 am


There will be three options under a new plan by the Ministry of Labor to obtain information on companies that are violating labor laws, said Adel Fakeih, minister of labor, yesterday on an MBC show hosted by Dawood Al-Shirian.


The first option is for the members of the public to report companies or individual violators by calling in the ministry through a toll free number.


The second option is self-inspection whereby the business owner can find online whether their business is committing any violations.


The third option is inspections carried out by the ministry itself.


He said that 100,000 new inspectors would join the ministry to help carry out the inspections. They will now be accompanied by police officers for effective implementation of the ministry's directives. The new program begins next month.


The minister acknowledged the contribution of the expatiate community, but said that illegal activity will not be tolerated. "We enforce the rules and regulations on every establishment with no exceptions."


He said that about 900,000 workers have been deported in the last 18 months and that nearly 400,000 Saudis have been hired during the same period.


Fakeih said the purpose of Saudization should not be misunderstood and that expats who are legally allowed to work in the country have contributed to Saudi growth. He added that 7.5 million expats are currently legally working in the Kingdom.


Companies that employ illegals will be fined up to SR 100,000 and sentenced to two years in prison for each illegal worker they hire.


The ministry will also accept tips from the general public if they see anyone working illegally.


He said that any expat who did not get his/her iqama renewed by the sponsor can choose any company in Nitaqat's green zone and transfer the sponsorship to it without the permission of the former sponsor.


"The former sponsor loses his/her right to keep his workers if he/she fails to renew the iqama before its expiration date," Adel said.


Fakeih clarified that children of Saudi mothers who are married to non-Saudis are considered Saudis under Nitaqat.


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