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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Recent Raids on Exapts

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Writing on the wall

                                                                                                                   Aleem Khan Falaki

Many a times in the past, there have been raids on the illegals but the recent raids and the results may become a turning point in the history of KSA expatriate's history. All of a sudden, the image of the expats became like either an 'unwanted' or 'most wanted'. To know the stand of the literate Saudis and the national media, it was inevitable to go thru any of the most popular Daily Arabic Newspaper. So, the daily "Okaz" was selected and the issues of first two weeks of April, 2013 were studied. The conclusions are as follows. This was the hottest issue in all the newspapers during this period when the raids were at full swing. Some of the columns were in condemnation of the action but the majority showed satisfaction over the raids. There is consensus over the demand to stop "Visa business", "Cover-up businesses", "Kafeel's system itself", "transaction of Millions of Riyals by expats", "difficulties in the Iqama transfer procedure" etc. Some of the columnists showed grudge against the expats while mostly there is righteousness in their comments and suggestions.

Stop: All these investments, developments, reducing foreigners, Nitaqat, raids etc are of no use unless our youths are ready to take over technically, mentally and practically.

9th April, Hashim Al Jahdly, page – 1

What a shame; we have to beg jobs from expats in our own country: Saudis do not get jobs in spite of having qualifications. Managers employ their own countrymen. People blame that Saudis do not work, why they do not see there are hundreds of Saudis who are working perfectly. We must close the tap which stops the Saudi youths from getting the jobs. Stop the visa selling business first. The salaries of the expats should be made equal to Saudis, then only it will be easy to give jobs to Saudis otherwise the cheap labor will take away the jobs from the Saudis. 12th April, Khalid Sulaiman, page – 50

No Saudi can deny this: The raids were appropriate in favor of our children's better future. The mechanism of Nitaqat is debatable as 60% of the targeted labor's profession is such that our children can never go for those professions. 9th April, Hashim Abdu Hashim, page-5

Haroob: Many Saudis sold the visa and gave the Iqamas to the purchasers, but, later declared the persons as "escapee". The police and Jawazat both declare them "wanted". This is injustice. Immediate action must be taken to relieve these victims.9th, April, Khalaf Al Harabi, page-50

Kuwait's wise decision: Kuwait's decision to exit 100,000 expats in next 10 years should be appreciated as these expats will qualify to demand the nationality under the International laws.

23rd March, Abdullah Al Sammah, page- 25

Why Labors are crying? : Every country has system, we too want to systemize our country. If we want to give employment to our youths, why the expat labor is making so much fuss about it?11th April, EtedalAtewi, page-19

Impose SR. 100,000 fine on the employers: Abdul Rahman Al Zamil, Chief of Chamber of Commerce, Riyadh said the employers of illegal labors should be imposed heavy fines. At the same time, those Saudi Kafeels who demand SR. 5000 for allowing the transfer, they too should be fined. Visa issuing authorities should check strictly if the visa demanded are genuine or for trading purpose.11th April, Hazim Al Mutairi, Page-18

How long we will rely only on Government? : We have taken for granted that the Government will give us jobs as soon as we get the degrees and diplomas. We must change our attitude and work hard to qualify ourselves to make place in the market. 9th April, Sultan Al Dosary, page 25

Prevention is better than cure: The raids have disclosed many loopholes of the system. The visa business is at the roots. If we had taken prevention before, the situation would not have been so worse.9th April, Abdul Rahman Al Habeeb, page-24.

The Torn Iqamas (iqamat al magsoosa): Tearing of Iqamas is not the solution, eradicate the sponsorship system. In every country, there are expatriates.  Even in USA and Canada. Not only they employ them but to exchange the experience and expertise they grant nationality too. But we made the foreigners like untouchables and compelled them to live aloof from the society like a stranger. Under these circumstances, it is natural that they would think of transferring their earning to their country. It is our attitude only that encouraged the under-rated people to purchase the visa to come and stay here otherwise the qualified people already have good jobs in their own countries. This is the biggest obstacle in the way of Saudisation. No businessman will ever employ an expensive Saudi if there is already an expat available at half price. The fault is in us, not in expatriates. It is we who refuse the jobs to Saudis. During the raids, several qualified Doctors and engineers too were caught with the "labour's profession's Iqama". This indicates the fault of those Saudis who have made it a business to sell the Freevisae.

2nd April,by Khalaf Al Harbi, page-48

89% technical staff in the private sector consists of foreigners. If this continues, we will become a minority in our own country. AdilFaqih, Labour Minister, Page -1, 5th April.

Saudis are not welcome, what is it? The Saudi landlord himself is not willing to rent out the flat to a Saudi. The day will come when a Saudi will have to take a flat in the name of an expatriate. The reason is that the Saudis do not pay the rents and give hard time to the owners. No action is taken by the authorities too if the landlord complains.7th April, Abdu Khaal, Page-4

Why deny…Mr. Deputy Minister?  Instead of raiding on schools, why do not you catch the unwanted labours roaming on the streets? The schools saying they cannot employ Saudis because they cannot speak English, even if they can, they cannot teach. Many schools, hospitals and many business centers have come to halt due to these raids.7th April, Abdullah Sa'ati, p- 24

Snakes and scorpions come out from underneath the raids: The raids revealed the facts that the illegal visa sellers are the ones who created the problem. If illegals will not get jobs, they will create chaos in the system.6th April, Mohammed Bin Sulaiman al Uhaidib, page -8

Raids – a step towards discipline: A few individuals might have torn away the Iqamas but the publicity given to it is exaggerating. The illegals are of three types: 1. Smuggled from neighboring countries, 2. Of dummy sponsors and 3. escaping from sponsors. The sponsors should be brought to justice. The raids are a good step towards establishing discipline in the system.6th April, AmeeraKashgari, page – 25

On the hot oven: There are 8 million illegals with Iqama and, as said, countless without Iqama. The system was corrupted since the time when the Visa selling was big profit-business. Everyone knows it is difficult to solve now. Where are those big businessmen who sold thousands of visa but they do not have work. They do not know who is under their sponsorship but their sponsored men are everywhere. Stop issuing the visa immediately.

6th April, Abdu Khaal, page – 4

Is correction within 3 months possible? : As we showed kindness towards Burmese, we are kind with everyone. Others too should feel their duty to cooperate with us. If the 90 days' time given for the correction of the status is not used, all should be exited.

6th April, Ossama Ahmed Suba'i, page – 15

Blackmailing of Kafeels: The illegals should get the benefit of the generous amnesty from the King. One week is already over, the process should take fast track. The employers who would employ the men from other Kafeels should be fined SR. 100,000 per person.

12th April, Hashim Abdu Hashim, page 5

Labors and burning questions: How is it possible to correct the situation within 3 months? Is Jawazat prepared for that? Is it possible to send back milllions? The one who is under green category today will become Red again if he will transfer more men, from he can bring Saudis? The Jawazat should ease the rules of the system of Red and green. First catch the people without iqama and then catch the iqama holders.

12th April, Abdullah Sammah, page – 25

Core issue – Visa business: The raids were light but heavy truths unveiled. This revealed the loopholes hidden in the roots. There are thousands of Kafeels who do not know where are the people under their sponsorship., 13th April, Mohammed Mukhtar Al Faal, page – 24

Illegal labors – what is the solution: Abolish the conditions for change of sponsorship and profession. Ease the system. Stop issuing the visae. Stop the visa trade. Hastening will bring humiliation, we cannot root out the problem so easily. The foreigners have become integral part of our lives. They are dominating in every profession. Big companies are helpless without them, we will be hung without them. There is no practical training in our Technical institutions but only theory. 12thApril, Dr. Khalid Fahd Al Harithy, page 22

Impose heavy fines on the companies who will violate the rule: Those companies who will employ the men from other sponsors without transferring their sponsorship should be fined heavily. 11th April, SalehZahrani, page 17

Cancel the holidays of Jawazat: The 3 months' time is too short to accomplish the task, all weekly holidays of the Jawazat and other concerned departments should be cancelled.

11th April, Abdul Raheem Bin Hasan, Page – 17

Saudization and labor market: Our youth have no opportunity to work while 5000 illegals are working only at the Airport project? There are hundreds at small establishments.His Majesty is absolutely right, this disorganization should be stopped. 9th April, Sayeed Al Sareehi, p- 9

Excuses unveiled: The salaries and the facilities of the expats should be made equal to the Saudis, then only the employment for Saudis will become easy otherwise, as long as the cheap expats will continue to be employed, no one will give jobs to expensive Saudis. We must protect the rights of the labors working under our sponsorship. At the same time, it is inevitable to check the source of income of the expats how are they transferring huge amounts while their profession is of labor.5th April, Abdullah Al Harithy, page 14

Raids will become stability: The international media is eyeing on the Saudi events, everyone concerned. They ask why the warning was not given before declaring 3 months' amnesty. It is wrong. Everyone knew in advance what is legal and what is not legal here. The raids will bring opportunities to the youths and stability in the economy.

8th April, Hamood Abu Talib, page 6

SR. 2,400 per Iqama is unfair:Jawazat has made the system difficult by imposing SR. 2,400 with so many other difficulties in transferring the sponsorships. They should give up certain conditions to make the lives of small establishments easy. 8 April, Zain Anbar, P-30

270,000 establishments can benefit from His Majesty's given amnesty:The country's economy will be damaged if the small establishments will be closed. Prices will rise. How many Saudis will get the job even if all the illegals will get their status corrected?. Is it possible to get the corrections done within 3 months?8thApril, Abdullah Al Qahtani, page 30

Knife and Fork ready for Operation: Cover-up business and working at non-sponsors is the biggest threat. This will damage the stability and peace as the crimes will increase. Therefore, the operation was inevitable.  We are at fault who supported and coordinated with the corrupted activities of cover-up businesses. 90 days' time may not be enough, is Jawazat capable of completing the task?14th April, Ibrahim Ismail Kutbi, page- 10

Curb Visa traders and Dummy Kafeels: Unless the Visa selling business is not stopped there can be no cure. Foreigners can leave anytime but are our children ready to take over? The raids are for drying up the wells of the illegal sponsors who let their men work outside. It is immoral to give jobs to foreigners just because they are cheap and ready to work without facilities. We can benefit our country by millions if the system gets corrected.

14th April, Sayeed Bin Ali Al Bassami, page 26

You did not see anything: What kind of society we have developed. Everyone has got one or another person associating with him is illegal. Someone's driver and someone's maid is illegal. We cannot survive without those who are not under our sponsorships.

14thApril, Mohammed Bin Sulaiman, page – 8

SR. 15,000 for exit? : The Kafeels are blackmailing those who want transfer, exit or renewals. This is blackmailing. Hundreds of men and women have gathered around their embassies, they simply want to go back. They do not want to stay anymore, why their exit is made so difficult?

14thApril, Ibrahim Shahab, page-11


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