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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

An Appeal to Sign the Petition Justice for Dr Zakir Naik

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Date: Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 11:25 PM
Subject: Fwd: An Appeal to Sign the Petition Justice for Dr Zakir Naik!
Assalamu Alykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu.
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Subject: An Appeal to Sign the Petition Justice for Dr Zakir Naik!

Don't you want to be a part of the mission for the truth?
All you have to do is sign the petition
'Justice for Dr Zakir Naik!' and forward it, to restore justice.
The rewards are just a click away... InshaAllah

Petitioning the Prime Minister of India, the Chief Minister and the Home
Minister of Maharashtra.

Justice for Dr Zakir Naik!
Petition by Asad Khan Brea, CA
Subject: Facilitation of the Peace Conference 2013,
              Disciplinary action against-
              • Suresh Chavhanke, the CEO of Sudharshan Channel, and revoking of its license
              • Ramesh Shinde of the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti
              • Dhananjay Desai of the Hindu Rashtrya Sena
When the ambassador of peace is maligned and unjustly derogated, it's about time we take a stand.
We are up against a swirl of evil... evil that is threatening to disintegrate the harmony and accord embedded in our society, fight it tooth and nail, and bar its very existence. So why should we sit on the sidelines, watching, while injustice takes its toll? Why must we not speak out for this torchbearer of truth? For Truth itself?
Dr Zakir Naik, an icon of global peace and unity, has been baselessly censured and attacked by those afraid of the truth, who wish to suppress its rising strength. A rational, unbiased person will unhesitantly agree, on solid, logical and evidence-backed grounds that terrorism is wholly contrary to Dr Zakir himself. Yet, the haters of the truth continue to hurl false accusations at this man of truth, coupled with misquotes and misrepresentations: aiming to ignite communal discord in a peaceful nation.
On account of the same, Hindu Janjagruti Samiti on their website, and Sudarshan News on their TV Channel, from the 26th of November to the 2nd of December 2012 , telecasted a program 'Zakir Ka Parda Faash', containing blatant lies, out-of-context clippings, deceitful and dishonest contortions and abusive language. The out-and-out intentions of the organizers are evidently provocative and obstinate, in order to propel hatred, vengeance and misunderstanding within the multi-cultural, democratic base of our nation, India.
Isn't it ironical that India, a country rooted in peace, should watch its democracy being butchered through such evils, and do nothing about it?
Dr Zakir's firm standpoint for the Truth has seen him ranked in the top 62 of the '500 Most Influential Muslims in the World' published by George Washington University in the year 2011. What's more, the dynamic orator on Islam and comparative religion has bagged the No. 3 spot in the 'Top 10 Spiritual Gurus of India' in 2009, and topped the list in 2010. The Indian Express, in their list of the '100 Most Influential People in India' ranked him 82 and 89 in 2009 and 2010 respectively.
Dr Zakir Naik, by virtue of his compelling and logical call to the truth, has a huge fan following - not only among Muslims, but people of various faiths world over, who shall readily stand up for the truth. Such fallacious allegations against him are, in fact, attacks on Islam itself, and a blemish on global peace and unity. Dr Zakir Naik has guided people of different religions to the correct understanding of their own scriptures, besides clearing misconceptions about Islam; he has been at the frontlines of brotherhood and harmonious concord. His complete message revolves around peace, far from terrorism of any kind, which he condemns strongly. Branding him a terrorist, and one who creates friction in society, is 180 degrees off the truth: a desperate attempt to put an end to the rapid rise of Peace itself.
In the midst of this chasm of devilry, I took it upon myself to approach the law and order agencies for immediate action against the CEO and anchor of the said channel, categorically, panelist, Dhananjay Desai of the Hindu Rashtra Sena, for insulting and disparaging Islam, sparking malice and antipathy among the masses of a peaceful and amicable country. Sadhna Channel, along the same lines, has been defaming Dr Zakir through unjustifiable character assassination supported by nothing but spite. But we have trust in the Indian Judiciary and we hope that these anti-social elements shall be taken to task and brought to justice.
Besides falsifying Dr Zakir's sincere message of transparency, those who detest the truth have now lashed out at the harmony-pursuing, 'Peace Conference' of India. From the year 2007 to 2011, the Conference has spiritually uplifted millions across the planet through stalwarts and dignitaries promoting the common message of peace in unison – a testimony the Police Force has witnessed, too. The tentacles of evil are far-reaching: the conference had been shut out and barricaded last year by the long arm of injustice. 2012 failed to witness its splendor and the masses were deprived of the educational enlightment of the convention.
As a solicitous citizen of India to whom justice is a must-be, I feel obliged to pass on to you this plea for integrity. I am bound by the fact that doing nothing about it shall involuntarily make me a part of the evil I loathe. To my brothers in humanity, I request you to aid the right.
Signing this petition will help you contribute to a just cause, and reinforce the establishment of the truth. This will ensure the advancement of our entreaty to the Petitioning the Prime Minister of India, the Chief Minister and the Home Minister of Maharashtra.
Our conscience will not allow us to be mere bystanders in the face of such vice and villainy; and we shall stand for the victory of Truth. Justice will win through.

Yours Sincerely,

Thanks & Best Regards,
Saudi Arabia