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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Earthquake strikes

Earthquake strikes - North India, Pakistan, Iran, UAE, DOHA, Bahrain & Saudi Arabia.
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Breaking News: Earthquake shakes UAE, other countries; buildings, hospitals evacuated

Mobile phone and Internet lines have reportedly also gone down; Iran reports 7.5 magnitude earthquake in southeast

PublishedTuesday, April 16, 2013

Major earthquake jolts Delhi and adjoining areas, no immediate reports of any casualties

People rushed out of their buildings as repeated tremors were felt in Delhi and other states.

A spate of tremors rocked northern parts of India after a strong earthquake hit neighbouring Pakistan on Tuesday afternoon.

According to reports, the epicentre of around 7.8 magnitude quake on Richter scale was located in Pakistan near Iran border. The earthquake was felt at 10.44 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

People rushed out of their buildings as repeated tremors were felt in Delhi and NCR and other states in north India.

Tremors were also felt in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat and parts of Uttar Pradesh.

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Earthquake shook UAE on Tuesday afternoon for the second time in April.

Residential and commercial buildings and hospitals in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi have been evacuated. People have been standing outside their buildings fearing aftershocks. Jebel Ali, Sheikh Zayed Road and Emaar Square all seeing crowds under the building after the first earthquake.

NCMS has confirmed with Emirates 24|7 the epicentre was 650km off the coast of Ras Al Khaimah.

A spokesperson said: "The earthquake occurred near the Iran-Pakistan border, 650km north east of Ras Al Khaimah, and approximately 30km underground."

The centre is still investigating the impact that was felt by the UAE on the miracle metre scale.

According to Emirates 24l7 reporters, Al Garhoud hospital has been evacuated and buildings in Jumeirah Lake Towers and Dubai Marina have been evacuated.

There have been also been reports of earthquake in different cities of Pakistan, India and Latin America. Iran reports 7.5 magnitude earthquake in southeast.

The National Center of Meteorology and Seismology have confirmed the earthquake, 7.8 in magnitude, struck Iran.

Eyewitnesses said MBC office in Media City have also been evacuated after the tremors.

There have also been reports of mobile phone lines going down. Mobile phone lines on etisalat also stopped connecting as per reports with congestion overloading networks

In Abu Dhabi thousands of residents rushed out of their buildings and some of them were carrying their children and appeared panicking.

"It was really heavy…we all felt it…the building kept shaking for more than five seconds," said an Indian resident of Defense Road in Abu Dhabi.

Crowds of people were also seen standing outside buildings at around 14.45 pm in other areas of the capital. Residents in ground floors and low levels said they did not feel any quake.

"I was on my laptop at the 11th floor when I saw the door shaking and the chain on the lock swinging…I then felt the shake…I really panicked as it was the first time I feel a tremor," said Ayman Hariri, who sounded nervous as he sat on the ground outside his building.

Stronger than last week

That the quake was stronger this last weeks tremors was agreed upon by everybody. People in offices spoke of shaking chairs and tables.

"I am on the 6th floor of my building, and everything started shaking. I got panicked. I walked down the stairs and everything turned blue in front my house. I thought the building would collapse on top of me," describes Kinana Homsi-Mardini (27) from Syria, who works in Tecom.

This time most buildings were immediately evacuated. "Last time we did not move. But now we were told to all evacuate. And now we are told to move away from the building," says a Damac employee in Downtown while standing outside.

"My chair and table started shaking. This was a much stronger quake than last time. It was very obvious," says Lesley (29) from the Philippines, after she evacuated from Atrium Tower.

"For most of us it was the first time to experience an earthquake. It id quite shocking," says Hassan (55) from Sudan, evacuated from the same building.


Lina Vasili wrote: "The earth stopped shaking but my fingers haven't."

Emmanuel Dunseath wrote: "First time I actually feel an earthquake in the UAE. Office evacuated and back to it now. Hope no-one is hurt in Pakistan and Iran."

New tremors felt across Doha after magnitude 8 earthquake strikes Iran

Reports have been coming in from across the city of tremors and shakes after a major earthquake struck nearby Iran this afternoon.

Reuters news agency reports that a magnitude 8 earthquake struck Iran just before 2pm Doha local time. 

As the aftershocks reverberated across the region, residents in Doha - including the Landmark area, Al Sadd, Education City and Katara - say they felt tremors for several seconds. 

A number of towers and buildings across the city are again being evacuated as a safety precaution, but there are no reports out yet of any injuries or damages.

Last week, many residents of Doha were evacuated from homes and office buildings after a magnitude 6.3 earthquake hit southern Iran.

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