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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Grooms market destroyed due to raids

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Very Funny.
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Subject: FW: groom's market destroyed due to raids in Saudi Arabia
Really funny...

Thanks to Jawazat

(Socioreforms News Agency) The harshest ever raids by the Jawazat and Shurta in Saudi Arabia has played havoc in the Dulha Market of India and Pakistan. The rates of grooms fell down fiercely within a week. Several marriage proposals which had been almost finalized were put either on hold or cancelled. 
It is reported that several Brides' parents have withdrawn their dowry list and, as a result, the grooms are begging to re-negotiate. 
Due to sudden fall in the rates, the current prices are as follows:

Engineer: Rs. 20,000 Joda/Tilak with only Bed, Almari and 100 guests's 2-dish dinner (Before it was Rs. 5 lakh plus furniture, car, flat and 500 guests' 20 dish dinner)
Graudate: Rs. 10,000 with bed only, 50 guests' one dish dinner (Before it was 2 lakh with pulsar bike, furniture, 200 guests's 10 dish dinner)
Azad Visa holders: Nikah in Masjid and sunnat, no dowry no dinner. (Before it was 2 lakh plus standard dowry and dinner)

Several "Payamat ke daftar" are about to close. Many parents of the Expat grooms have started preaching the virtues of doing the marriages according to Sunnat but the Bride's parents are demanding to produce the following certificates.
1. Letter from the Kafeel assuring that the groom is working with him on not less than the salary mentioned in the Ism nawesi (Bio-data). (The letter must be endorsed by the chamber of commerce and Indian Embassy)
2. The Kafeel must assure that the groom is working on the same profession mentioned on the iqama, in his company not outside. Pay slip or bank transfer slip must be produced. 
3. The above letters must be certified from any of these orgs: 
Jeddah: United AP Forum or KTT or Bazme ittehad or Urdu Academy
Riyadh: Tanzeem Hum Hindustani
Dammam: Hyderabad ASSoc. 
4. Family visa must be shown in advance before finalizing the date.

Lucky are those who married just a week ego and have digested the joda, jahez and dinner. 

The Union of All India Matrimonial Brokers (AIMB) is going to protest against the Saudi action and going to request the PM to take the matter to the UNO.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Saudi Arabia