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Monday, April 1, 2013

Female teachers arrested

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Date: Sun, Mar 31, 2013 at 4:59 PM
Subject: [aijazahmedit] "Don't be surprised, if you get confirmation of female teachers arrested-SAUDI ARABIA"
No one is allowed to work without valid work permit (Iqama) either male or female. 
If someone is on family visa sponsored by husband, then they are not also allowed to work.
They are currently arresting people either without valid work permit or have valid work permit but doing jobs for other than sponsor which is also illegal. 
Don't be surprised, if you get confirmation of female teachers arrested anytime soon as they have family visa NOT WORK PERMIT.

Prior to today, these rules were not implemented forcefully. Incase of female teachers, authorities were not forcing because they knew there is not any good alternative due to huge shortage of female teachers.
As a result, the individuals (male and females) would be deported.
The sponsors will be penalized too. If it is a company or saudi individual, they will have to pay big fines. If it is an expatriate individual (e.g., husband, etc) they will also get deported resulting in the deportation of whole family under him.
I wish everyone to remain safe for themselves and for their families.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Saudi Arabia