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Friday, May 24, 2013

World's Most Lazy People

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Do you feel guilty for making it to the weekend so tired that you don't even want to move a finger? Then meet these lazy people who took laziness to a whole new level.
Because walking the dog doesn't mean you also have to walk.

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Too lazy to buy stamps. At least he/she included a tip. Talk about lazy people!

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No wonder they say fast food makes you get fat.

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Too lazy to beg.

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Definition of bureaucracy. The roadkill remover guy is totally different from the street painter.

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Too lazy to drink your own beer?

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Why take out your pajamas if you have to wear them all over again when you get home?

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This guy can be lazy but he is definitely creative!

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Why on earth do they go to the gym?

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Laziest surfer ever.

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Too lazy to protest.

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