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Monday, May 20, 2013

Job Vacanciess

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From: Javeed Iqbal Sait <>
Date: Mon, May 20, 2013 at 11:27 AM
Subject: [tanzeemhumhindustani] [Job Vacancies in Dubai] [Recruitment in Sri Nagar (India)]
Asalamu Alaykum Wa Rahamtulahi Wa Barakatu,

The following vacancies exist in a Dubai based company. The interviews will be conducted in Sri Nagar (India) on the 24 & 25th May 2013.

0001    Networking Specialist

•       2-3 years of hands on experience
•       Excellent written & oral skills in English
•       100% clarity on networking concepts
•       Ability to work on multiple networking products
•       Ability to rapidly learn new products
•       Excellent technical documentation skills
[Preferred Certifications]: CCNA, CCNP (Routing & Switching /Voice /Wireless]

0002    Sever & Virtualization Specialist

•       2-3 years hands on experience
•       Excellent written & oral skills in English
•       100% clarity on server & virtualization concepts
•       Microsoft 2008 Server
•       Microsoft Exchange 2010
•       VM Ware, Hyper V, Citrix
•       Working knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 administration
•       Working knowledge of storage products (Net app / EMC /IBM / HP)
•       Excellent technical documentation skills
[Preferred Certifications]: [MCTIP, MCSE [Messaging], VW Ware Certification, Hyper-V, Net App /EMC / HP /IBM Storage certifications]

0003    IT Support Administrator

•       2-3 years of hand on experience with desktop, laptop & mobile devices support
•       Working knowledge of server operating & messaging systems (2008 Server, Exchange 2010)
•       Excellent written & oral skills in English
•       Client servicing skills
•       Knowledge of Linux and other client operating systems like Ubuntu
•       Knowledge of mobile platforms (IOS, Android)
•       Deep knowledge of Microsoft Windows 7& 8
[Preferred Certifications]: [Relevant Microsoft Windows Certifications]

0004    Web Developer
•       3-4 years of hands on experience
•       Web Development on ASP. Net,
•       SQL 2008 R2
•       Visual Studio
•       XML, Knowledge on Object oriented programming
•       Mobile Development (IOS & Android)
•        Documentation
[Preferred Certifications]: [Relevant Microsoft Windows Certifications]

005     IT Sales Executive
•       2-3 years sales IT sales experience
•       Knowledge about of a diverse IT solutions (hardware, software etc)
•       Excellent written & oral skills in English
•       Excellent people & negotiation skills
•       Ability to work in a structured manner towards achieving a sales target

Interested brothers send your CV's to

Jazak Allah Khair
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(Bukhari & Muslim)

Thanks & Best Regards,
Saudi Arabia