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Friday, March 11, 2011

Information Security Officer - Al Ain Wildlife Park And Resort - UAE

Key Tasks & Duties: 

• Lead the internal information security efforts consistent with the Abu DhabiInformation Security Program, and other international best practices (e.g., ISO 27000s, etc...).
• Enforce and monitor the implementation of, and compliance with, the Abu DhabiInformation Security Policy.
• Develop and manage the implementation of specific Information Security policies and procedures.
• Ensure Risk Assessments are conducted on all information systems.
• Ensure Information Security Plans are developed for all applicable information systems.
• Ensure implementation of all information security controls, as set forth in the Information Security Plan, to ensure adequate security for the respective system.
• Ensure the development of plans for the Security Testing and Evaluation of all applicable systems.
• Serve as the Certifying Official for low to moderate assurance and/or mission important or supportive systems, certifying test results and providing accreditation recommendations for approval to operate systems.
• Support ADSIC in developing and implementing an Information Security awareness campaign, supplementing the efforts as necessary for the AWPR user base.
• Provide Information Security technical training based on the AWPR’s needs
• Conduct Information Security communications and outreach
• Establish appropriate measures to assess operational capabilities and determine compliance and effectiveness levels with the Abu Dhabi Information Security Policyand Information Security Standards.
• Coordinate with other entity leads, as necessary.
• Coordinate with the IT Director for incident response to implement applicable and coordinated incident management procedures (to include the appropriate reporting of incidents) - when established.
• Communicating and escalating, as necessary, Information Security matters to the IT Director
• Coordinate with other assurance programs to effectively manage risks across the entity and ensure continuity of the business.
• Ensure that all AWPR contractors and third party organizations achieve adequate security for the protection of sensitive Government information.


• Bachelor’s degree in Information Security, Information Technology, Computer Science, Engineering, or similar strongly desired
• Professional information security certifications (such as CISSP, CISA, CISM, SANS, ISO 27001) strongly desired
• Minimum 3 years of relevant work experience in Information Security
• Experience in setting up and implementing Information Security program efforts
• Experience in creating policy frameworks
• Experience in implementing and monitoring compliance with information security standards
• Experience in implementing ISO 27001, NIST or similar certification programs
• Experience in creating and delivering awareness and training programs
• Understanding of international security standards and the Abu Dhabi’s regulatory environment
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