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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hyderabad rape case fallout Anger on streets and social media

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Hyderabad rape case fallout: Anger on streets and social media

Police compel to book the accused under Nirbhaya Act; after identity got public girl and her family left their home; Commissioner of Police appeals not to give communal color to the incident and to maintain peace.
By Staff Reporter,
Hyderabad: The horrific case of rape and bondage of 20 year old Muslim engineering student for nearly 17 months has inflamed passions on the social network and on the streets of Hyderabad, with people demanding stern action against the alleged rapist and the canteen owner of TRR engineering college Satya Prakash Singh.
Although the case came to light on September 6, but the video and written complaint of the girl uploaded by MBT leader Amjedullah Khan who accompanied her to the police station went viral on the social networking sites. The impact was unprecedented as many community pages were formed demanding justice for the rape victim, which got thousands of likes and shares in matter of few hours. Soon the story spread like wild fire, which started to prompt street protests at different parts of old city.

MIM chief and Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi whose was party was being questioned for their silence on the issue, was quick to give a statement demanding death penalty for the accused if found guilty as it happened in Delhi gang rape case. Addressing a program called to discuss hypocrisy of west on Syria, Mr. Owaisi termed the rising cases of rape due to society getting entrapped in immoral atmosphere.
Mr. Owaisi also got a hard time on Twitter handling the fury, he repeatedly asked people not to name the victim and assured his party's help till she gets justice. MIM chief stated that he will follow up the case with senior police officials and will ensure that justice is done.
Soon Hyderabad Mayor and MIM leader Majid Hussain went to the house of the rape victim but found out that it was locked and the family went to some anonymous place as their identity was made public. Majid Hussain met girl's uncle and assured him of all help and reiterated his party's commitment to help her to get justice.
But in all the emotional flare up Netizens forgot the basic principle of not making public the identity of the rape victim. As soon as people started to realize their mistake the original name of the girl which was circulating widely due to FB cause pages and viral hash-tags was stopped and other fictional names were allotted to the girl.

The impact on the streets was limited too much around localities adjacent to Santoshnagar Police station limits where rape complaint was being filed.
After bike rally's and street march hundreds of youngsters started to assemble at Santosh Nagar Police station around 6:0 pm on Sunday evening demanding stern action against the rape accused. Inspector of police, DCP south zone has to come out and appeal to the youngsters to maintain peace.
MIM MLA Ahmed Balala visited the station where crowd was protesting and along with other protesters demanded strict action against the rape accused. To pacify the crowd accompanied by MIM MLA, local Police immediately accepted their demands and announced taking custody of Satya Prakash from Chanchalguda Jail where he was lodged after getting arrested a week back. Police also announced prosecuting Satya Prakash in the new provisions of Nirbhaya Act as demanded by the protesters.
As soon as station police accepted their demands youngsters' call of their protest and crowd was dispersed immediately, any untoward situation was averted.
Sensing situation could lose out of hands, Hyderabad Commissioner of Police Anurag Sharma along with top police officials of the city reached Malakpet ACP office where addressed the media with an aim to take into confidence the agitated public, to put the record straight and to bury many rumors which were getting spread through social networking sites.

Commissioner of Police guaranteed that police will oppose any move to grant bail of the rape accused Satya Prakash Singh, Mr. Sharma told the media that he has personally ordered top officials to monitor and investigate the case and already custody of Satya Prakash has been granted to Santosh Nagar police and the accused, apart from IPC is now being booked under Nirbhaya Act.
Commissioner of police assured that all the people who were complicit in the crime or abetted it as mentioned by the girl in her complaint will be investigated and no one will be spared, he said if the allegations against Satya Prakash got proved then he will be getting the possible strictest punishment.
He appealed to the people of Hyderabad, especially youngsters not give the incident any communal color and to help the police to maintain peace, law and order in the ongoing Ganesh festival.