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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Software Engineer (Japan)

Experience: 4 to 6 yrs.  
Salary: U.S Dollars 45,000 - 55,000 P.A 

Looking for an Exceptional and Strong C/C++ Software engineer for a permanent position in Japan with aleading Mac OS X/Windows development firm.

As a Mid Software Engineer , your role will be focused on product development and be responsible for the next generation of Recosoft's products. Your efforts will translate into millions of users using the product worldwide on Mac OS X , Windows and the iOS/Android platform.

You must clearly state in your resume/biodata:
  • Details of projects and actual role in the project with skills used.
  • C/C++ experience: no. of yrs.
  • COCOA/Carbon Development : no. of yrs.
  • Windows MFC/GDI+/COM Development: no. of yrs.
  • Product development experience: no. of yrs
  • iOS /Android development experience (if any): no. of yrs
  • Present Salary and Position:
  • Marital status:

** Freshers/Average developers must not apply - your application will be rejected and your name black listed for any and all future employment with the firm.

** Candidates selected will be relocated to Japan. The company will host the work visa.

Candidate must have
  • 4+ years of C/C++ development experience
  • Exceptional and deep knowledge of Mac OS X and Windows Application development.
  • COCOA, Carbon, XCode, Windows API/MFC, VC skill sets.
  • 32-bit and 64-bit coding architecture requirements under Mac OS X and Windows.
  • Development knowledge of Core Text, Core Graphics, Quartz, COCOA Touch, Windows COM and GDI+
  • iOS or Android development experience.
  • Be able to handle complex and large tasks
  • Knowledge of PDF constructs, parsing and architecture
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office 2007-2010 file formats

You must also possess a Degrees in one of the following areas:
  • BTech in Computer Science/Computer Engineering
  • MCA in Computer Science/Computer Engineering
  • MTech in Computer Science/Computer Engineering
You must also have a minimum of 4 years of PROFESSIONAL level development Experience. The minimum expected age is 25 or 26 years.

Contact Details;
Contact Company: Recosoft Corporation
Email Address: