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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dubai Metro - NOL Monthly Passes launched by Dubai RTA

7 August 2011  
Regular commuters of the Dubai Metro and public buses would be able to buy any of the three monthly passes to be launched by the RTA from next Friday.

Three varieties of monthly passes have been announced with different price brackets and corresponding travel limitations.
Pass One is valued at Dh100 to be used to travel within one zone while Pass Two is valued at Dh180 and is limited for use within two neighbouring zones. The third pass, which is worth Dh270, can be used to travel across all seven zones of Dubai. All the three passes can be used for unlimited travel within the prescribed zones for the month of its subscription.
Khaleej Times was the first newspaper to report the imminent launch of monthly passes last month. The RTA, however, has hastened the launch of the passes in time for the start of Green Line early next month.
“We expect a sharp increase in the number of public transport users with the launch of Green Line next month, so the monthly pass is a reward for our regular customers. We hope a lot more people would use the Metro and buses with the launch of the passes and save money on travelling,” said Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the RTA, while announcing the new service.
Existing Nol Blue card holders would be able to convert the same cards into any type of pass they want, free of charge, while those who don’t have Blue cards would have to buy the passes by paying Dh70.
Commuters can apply for the passes by filling a form at the Metro ticket counters or with retailers contracted with the RTA. The passes can be renewed online at the end of every month.    Enjoy your Metro Ride!