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Donate to AMP Zakat Fund to Educate Children and Empower Our Community

From: Aamir Edresy
Date: Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 5:15 PM

With the noble intention of helping our needy Muslim brethren, Last year AMP has started a “Zakat Fund”. The purpose of this fund is to provide monetary support to genuinely needy Muslims; under two main heads namely: Education and Self-Employment.

Education: We at AMP deeply believe that Education and Self Employment have the power to salvage the community from the throes of ignorance and widespread adversity and usher in a new era of prosperity. As such we feel that we need to focus on Higher Education so that talented and able individuals from the community can gain the skills and qualifications required to grab contemporary opportunities and walk at pace with the fast-evolving world.

Self-Employment: However there are certain individuals who cannot pursue their academic aspirations because they have to financially support their families from a very young age. For such individuals, we need to offer a window of opportunity by helping them financially for Self Employment to better their means of livelihood and encourage them to establish micro-enterprises.

Therefore we humbly request you to participate in this noble cause and contribute generously to the ‘Zakat Fund’. We assure you that we have very strict procedure to ensure that the money is utilized very judiciously and that it is distributed strictly as per the mandates of the Shariah.

Last Year’s Beneficiaries List:
The list of beneficiaries of AMP Zakat Fund can be accessed from 

Highlights of the ‘AMP Zakat Fund’:
·         There will be no administration costs involved therein, thus you can be assured that your entire donation is utilized solely for charity.
·         A special focus will be given on students and beneficiaries from Rural areas and Minority concentrated districts.
·         Although most of the donations will be strictly confidential; in event of a donation of more than INR 25000 we can arrange to connect the “Donor” to his “Beneficiary” if he wishes to do so.
·         We hope that you will wholeheartedly support in this blessed cause where the rewards for a single good deed are multiplied several fold.

Allah (SWT) has given us many opportunities to earn rewards during Ramadan by doing virtuous and benevolent deeds; and the best way to do this is by helping the needy and the less fortunate by means of Zakat and Sadaqah.

AMP requests you to support this noble cause of 'Serving Lord thru Serving Humanity'. We expect that all of our members and well wishers shall at least share a portion of their Zakat under ‘AMP Zakat Fund’. AMP is your organization and this is your project. We all need to put collective efforts in making this project successful. The more funds we have, better we can serve the community. Amount is not important but your participation is in this initiative.

You can make your Zakat Donations under the following Bank Account either by online transfer or cash deposit. Once you make the donations, please do not forget to send a confirmation mail to us on

Bank Account Details:
Account Name: AMP ZAKAT
Account No. : 102601000913
Bank: ICICI Bank
Branch: Khar (W), Mumbai
MICR Code: 400229095
IFSC Code: ICIC0001026


Cheque can be sent on the following Address:

Association of Muslim Professionals,
68/69 Umar Manzil,
5th Road, Khar (W),
Mumbai - Pin Code – 400052

Note: Please mention “Zakat Donation” in online transactions.

You can contact AMP Office Admin Ms. Sanober Pathan (Cell: 7303116060 | Email:​ in case you have further queries.

To know more about AMP Zakat Fund, please visit:

To know more about AMP, please visit:



Aamir Idrisi
President,Association of Muslim Professionals

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