Thursday, October 10, 2013

Looking for 6 freelance high-profiles for Brussels

Hello everybody.

Currently looking for 6 freelance high-profiles:
A Lead Enterprise Architect with HR experience,
a SOA Expert,
a Functional SOA Architect,
an Enterprise Business Architect with e-commerce experience,
an Enterprise Business Architect with experience in communication & collaboration and
a Lead Enterprise Architect with experience in the media sector.

All long term contracts in Brussels and around Brussels. Interested or you want more info?

 contact me asap via or call the 02/737.51.60             

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Arabic sentences for the day :::::::::
How to deal with a taxi driver?
iTlaA barra?
Going out?
iTlaA - go (out)
barra - out

Lessen the speed
خفّيف السرعة
khaffif alsurAa
khaffif - lessen
suraA - speed

You have passed (landmark) it! Fawwatt-uh!
fawwat + uh - i miss (فات) + it

Come back a little
إرجع شويّة
irjaA shuwai
irjaA - come back
shuwai - a bit

Here itself? هنا مضبوط؟
hina madhboot
hina - here
madhboot - exactly

Don’t leave the place لا تسير مكان
laa tasir makan
laa - no
tasir = ta + saara = you leave
makaan - place

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