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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Congratulation to all CSC applicant there is new update ....
with a humble request by new applicant , dont apply if you not sure to come, so plz give chance to other .........Thanks
Notice on Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC) Adjustment
In January of 2015, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance of P.R.C issued official document regarding the adjustment of Chinese Government Scholarship. Office of International Students’ Affairs of UESTC hereby publishes the excerpt of the document to all CSC scholarship students, which is closely related to our students. Should there be any questions about it, please go to the office for explanation.
1. What adjustments are made to Chinese Government Scholarship? When will the adjustment take effect?
Compared with the last version of CSC scholarship, tuition fee and accommodation fee are separated this time. The settle down fee, text book fee and out-patient fee are included into the living allowance as a whole, which means there will be no settle down fee for first year CSC students when they first arrive university, and all CSC students should pay text book fee and *out-patient fee by themselves from your living allowances.
Living allowance of CSC students is adjusted as follows:
PhD students: RMB 3500 per month
Master students: RMB 3000 per month
Bachelor students: RMB 2500 per month
The adjustments take effect from September 1st of 2014. UESTC will finish making up the living allowance difference in March and April.
2. Should the university send the money to those CSC scholarship students who live off campus? If yes, how can the students get the money?
According to the CSC regulations, CSC scholarship students who live on campus cannot get the accommodation subsidy or the price difference between the subsidy and the on campus accommodation fee. Students who want to live off campus out of justifiable reasons should apply to Office of International Students’ Affairs for living off campus. After being approved by UESTC, students check out from the dorm and get the accommodation subsidy by quarter or semester.
Accommodation subsidy for CSC students is RMB 700 per month for bachelor and master students, and RMB 1000 for PhD students.
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