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From: Irfan Aslam Shaikh - towards a beneficial goal
Date: Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 4:15 PM

Assalamu Alaikum Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Brother Mohammad Shafi Jakati Age 39yrs old Suffering from Carcinoma Oral Caner Since January 2006 and has been advised to undergo surgery as soon as possible.He has been under treatment from past 8 years and passed thru Five surgeries so far. Family is completely distressed My Allah give them Patience in this tough situation.
They have spent Around 8 Lacs from past eight years in the complete treatment And now doctors estimated 2-4Lacs for upcoming surgery.They did the treatment from past years with the help of friends and Relatives.
And now they are completely helpless for further treatment.

Detailed case information is provided below:

Patient’s name: Mohammad Shafi Jakati.
Age:  39 yrs.
Address: Ahmed Colony,Opp Ramnagar,Bijapur.
Occupation (Sole earner): Rented Kids Cloths shop.
Disease: Carcinoma Oral Cancer.
Hospital: HCG Cancer Care,Bangalore. 
Doctor: Dr Ashik Shenoy
Treatment: Surgery[Segmental Mandibulectomy Composite Ressection free fibula Microvasular Flap] 
Estimated cost: 2-4Lacs(estimate certificate attached)
Case Verified by: Zabiulla Patel: +91-9860804187
Contact nos: Patient's Wife[Saliya Jakati]:+91-8792210801

Family Background:
Family background is Lower middle class,Brother Mohammed Shafi has Kids clothes shop[rented] and has the earning of 10-15K monthly Not enough to sustain the further treatments,He is the Sole earner of family and has dependents wife,three kids[students],along-with Mother and Sister.

Name: Sameer Akhtar Shaikh
Age: 38
Address: 1038, Ravivar Peth, Darbar bend ka bada, Dawat hotel ke samne. Pune.
Disease: Paralyses
Hospital: Now admitted in Aurvedic Hospital in Nigdi, Near Panch Karma Bhel Chowk.
Doctor: S.V Deshpande
Cost: 60000/-
Case verified by : Imran M.M. Shaikh +919822027017

Bill Amount is pending for Medical Bills near KEM. Patient was admitted in KEM hospital in the month of November and the medical bill were pending. Patient is still on bed however his salary of Rs 5 to 6 thousand is coming. Approx Rs 60
,000/- Bill were pending which need to be paid. The following are the medical names.
Nav Bharat Medical as on 22nd of feb Rs 25000/- need to pay (verified from the medical shop owner)
Life Care Medical as on 22nd Feb Rs 23000/- needs to pay (verified from the medical shop servent)
There are some amount pending with Guru Krupa Medical.

Name: Mohamad Sadik Khan
Age: 58
Address: Sr. No. 51, Shivneri Nagar, Gali No. 1, Opp Ambar Classic Building, Behind Jametus Swahlehat
                                Kondhwa Pune 411048.
Phone: 9158397083
Occupation: Rikshaw Driver
Disease: Cancer
Hospital: Ruby Hall Clinic
Doctor: Bhooshan Zade
Cost: 16000/-
Case verified by: Imran M.M. Shaikh +919822027017

Patient was admitted in Ruby hall Clinic. 3 chemo and 33 days light treatment was done however patient still not felling well hence doctors needs to check for the further treatment suggested patient for the CT SCAN Patient needs financial help.

Note: Zakaat is Applicable for the above case.
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You can transfer amount to any below account:

Acc. Holder Name
Account Number
Bank Name
Ameer Chand Shaikh
Bund Garden

Patient Name /Your Name

 Enayat AbdulQader Shaikh
Jabiulla Sabir Patel
Senapati Bapat Road,Pune
Faiyaz A Kazi 
Nigdi, Pradhikaran

Disclaimer: After settling these cases, if any amount left, would be utilized in other ongoing Medical cases

Please keep in mind No Amount is less. Most of the times, it is these small Amounts that help for the entire case.The best help for patient and patient’s family is your prayer, please do that for them,

May Allah subh'an wa Ta'ala reward you in this world and hereafter !!

Jazaak Allahu Khairan,

Zabiulla Patel - 9860804187
Faiyaz Kazi - 9860483523
Amir Shaikh - 9922922460
Enayat Shaikh - 9011070708

Allah Negehban,

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