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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Free IAS Coaching At Haj House, Mumbai

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Subject:  Free IAS Coaching At Haj House, Mumbai

The Haj Committee of India provides free coaching & guidance for young MUSLIM Graduates. This year we are working in close coordination with a welknown professional coaching class of Pune. Hope it will enhance our results. Though we have representative candidates from Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra, and U.P. But there are still quite a few vacant seats. We are therefore holding an Entrance Test and Personal Interview on Monday 19 December 2011. Muslim Graduates from any faculty may apply. Details are given on our website:
Haj Committee of  India
Haj House, 7-A, M.R.A. Marg, Mumbai-400001.
Phone No:-022-22612969 Fax No:-022-22620920
For Muslim Graduates free coaching for Civil
Services examination (Preliminary and  Main ) is
Provided at Haj House, Mumbai
Additional Entrance Test & Interview on
Monday, 19 December Mumbai
Reporting Time 09.30 a.m. Details available on our website:
Prof. Hashmi

Thanks for being with us.

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